The Ola High School Band Program participates in several fundraising events throughout the school year. Our goal with the fundraisers are twofold:
1. To raise and generate profits for the Overall General Band Fund
2. To provide our band students and parents an opportunity to raise money for their Band Individual Accounts (BIA)

Band Individual Account (BIA)
What does this mean?

Band Individual Account, or BIA, is an account that is set-up for every student/family that is in our band program. These accounts are designed to keep track of any money that is fundraised for that individual student/family. A majority of our fundraisers offer a profit split; some of the profits go to the overall general band fund, and the rest of the profits are deposited into the student's/family's BIA. The money in a student's/family's BIA can be used to pay for band-related items (such as Marching Band Dues, Band Trips, Registration Fees, Concert Tux or Dress, etc.) These BIA accounts are only to be used to pay for band expenses. No actual monies can be withdrawn for personal use (please see our OHS Band Handbook for further explanation).

Below are some of the fundraisers that are in place for the Ola High School Band and explanations of the Profit/BIA split amounts

1. Ola High School Marching Band - "Spin with the Marching Mustangs"

"Spin with the Marching Mustangs" is a Marching Band Fall Colorguard fundraiser. All procedees raised go directly to offsetting the Fall Colorguard expenses. This fundraiser is not a BIA split, as all profit goes to the OHS Fall Colorguard.
*****Click here to download the Spin with the Marching Mustangs Registration Form

2. Pampered Chef Fundraiser

The Pampered Chef Fundraiser is scheduled for each fall semester(November). This is a traditional fundraiser in that it allows for students/parents the opportunity to sell catalog items from one of the most recognized names in cookeware, Pampered Chef. This is typically a 60/40 split - 60% to the student BIA and 40% to the Band Genereal Fund.
Pampered Chef Catalog Packets are passed out in the band classes and selling usually lasts approximately three weeks. This fundraiser is a great idea for holiday shopping!

3. Scrip Program

The Ola Band uses the Great Lakes Scrip Program as a way for students and parents to earn money for BIA accounts. We will be happy to HELP your family get set up in our Scrip Program; simply contact Annette Williams at to get started!
Click here to download the Scrip 101 Promo Poster.
Click here to download Scrip Information.
Click here to download the 2015-2016 companies that you can purchase scrip cards from

4. Marching Mustang Dinner and a Show Fundraiser

Marching Mustang Dinner and a Show is scheduled every year in September. Every student will recieve 10 tickets to sell about 1 month prior to the event, each ticket costs $10.00. This is a 50/50 split - 50% ($5.00) from every ticket goes to the overall band fund and 50% ($5.00) from every ticket will go directly into the students BIA account. Students may request more tickets to sell once the first ten are sold and the money is turned in. For this event we will invite our guest to enjoy a Spaghetti Dinner with all the fixings in the OHS Commons area. After dinner, we then invite all of our guest into the Ola High School Stadium for a performance of our competitive marching show. The audience will also be treated to a narrative and explanation of the thoughts and ideas that are presented in the marching show by the band directors, percussion instructors, and colorguard staff. This is a wonderful event and one not to be missed!!
All tickets will be passed out to the student approximately 1 Month in Advance

5. Dippin' Dot Sales

We have the exclusive right to sell Dippin' Dots at Ola High School every Friday during all Lunch Periods. All profit from our Dippin' Dot sales go completely to the Colorguard/Winterguard. From August to December it goes to the Fall Colorguard, and from January to May it goes to the Winterguard. There is no BIA split on this fundraiser.

6. Varsity Football Game Concession Stands

The OHS Band is in charge of the Visitor's Concession Stand (affectionately known as "The Band Stand"). We man this concession stand with band parents during all home games, playoff games and scrimage games. This is one of the biggest income generators we have for our band program. There is no BIA split on this fundraiser.

Support the OHS Band in all of our fundraising efforts througout the school year!